Stop Duplication... KEEP your medication on track

Ensure those you care for can easily keep track of their daily medications, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and pulse. Take the uncertainty out of medication dispensing and keep up to date recordings. Trust Pharmacy Coupon Code

The Daily Medication Journal is:

  • Perfect for caregivers
  • Compact journal
  • Undated year of weekly calendars to record:
    • Medication, dosage, & time
    • Blood sugar level
    • Blood pressure
    • Pulse
  • Made in USA


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The accuracy of the information placed in the Daily Medication Journal (DMJ) is the sole responsibility of the user. The correct use of the information that is recorded
in the DMJ is also the sole responsibility of the user. The DMJ is provided solely to simplify the information required by the user without representation of any
kind by the seller or distributor of the DMJ.